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Southeast Broach Company

Southeast Broach

As part of NIDEC Machine Tool Corporation, Federal Broach and Southeast Broach Company serve the North American market in providing turnkey machine and tooling solutions, as well as supporting maintenance, repair, and production broaching operations.

Southeast Broach Company strives to address and service the unique requirements of the jet engine and land turbine manufacturers in their precision broaching requirements. Through an ongoing commitment to responsive customer service and superior product quality since 1961, Southeast Broach has earned its reputation as a world class manufacturer.

Established in 1973, the NIDEC enterprise has evolved into one of the industry’s premier motor solutions providers. NIDEC provides complete production tooling and equipment solutions ranging from small precision motor systems to supersized industrial motors, gear manufacturing machines, gearboxes, large machines, and automatic press lines. 

Other companies within the NIDEC Machine Tool Corporation include NIDEC OKK, PAMA Machine Tools, and NIDEC Minster Press and Automation.

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