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Helical, Keyway, Flat, and Round Broaches, Broach Punches and Dies

Helical Broach

We offer helical tools utilizing annular or spiral gullet design. Engineered for performance in a variety of production applications, our spiral broach sizes range from 1.25 to 15.75 inches (30mm to 400mm) in diameter, and up to 110 inches (2800 mm) in total length.

Helical Broach

Keyway Broach

Our keyway broach tools are built to standard 500 or 600 series specifications. The most common applications are for cutting single- or double-drive keys in gears or pulleys. Keyway tool sizes range from 0.03 inches (.8 mm) to several inches wide, with lengths up to 90 inches (2286 mm).

Flat Broach

Flat inserts or rectangular shaped broaches can be custom designed or built to existing prints. Used in a wide range of production broaching applications, our flat broach tools are capable of machining complex forms with precision accuracy.

Flat Broach
Round Broach

Round Broach

Our round broaching tool options include involute spline, serration, parallel straight-sided, and cam-form. We also offer tooling for irregularly shaped internal splines with either annular or spiral tooth forms. Sizes range from 0.5 to 15.750 inches (12mm to 400mm) in diameter and lengths up to 110 inches (2800 mm).

Broach Punches and Dies

Blind spline tools are used in applications that do not allow a conventional internal or external broach to pass over or through a part. Federal Broach can design, build and test both spline punches and dies (internal and external) for all blind applications. Sizes range from 0.5 to 8 inches (12mm to 200mm) in diameter.

Serration Punch Blind Spline

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