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Contract Broaching Services

Equipped with a complete in-house production broaching line, Federal Broach and Machine stands ready to do the broaching for you. From low-volume to high-volume contract broaching projects, from one part to 100,000 or more, our precision broaching services will enable you to reliably achieve the production capacity you’re after.


Engineering and Design

Our team of engineers has unparalleled years of experience designing broach tools for virtually every application. These years of experience allow them to analyze and avoid possible trouble areas during the design phase and provide the customer an optimum tooling package with the first order.

Custom Prototyping Services

Federal Broach has in-house production broaching machines that allow us to take your part design from concept to reality. This is done by not only designing and building broach tools but also putting these tools to work cutting parts using customer-supplied blanks. Our custom ensures that the tool you get will meet your design requirements first time, every time.


Production Support

Our team of engineers and service technicians will work with your in-house personnel to help you achieve optimum performance from your broaching machines and tooling. Our years of experience allows us to quickly analyze your application and provide solutions to your most demanding broaching challenges.

Tool Sharpening and Maintenance

In addition to designing, prototyping, and manufacturing new production tools, Federal Broach offers precision tool sharpening, resharpening, and tooling maintenance services. Our toolmaking experts rely on the industry’s most advanced metalworking equipment and quality testing technology to ensure all tooling is maintained to OEM standards or better.


Metal Coating and Treating

We utilize a number of advanced metal coating techniques and surface treatment processes to maximize the durability and longevity of our production tooling. Additionally, we can provide tool recoating and retreating services that restore the surface finish and hardness of used tools while substantially increasing their service life.

Robotic Automation Solutions

Federal Broach can assist your facility in robotic automation solutions and complete systems integration for your production line. Our robotic manufacturing innovations include automatic broaching, gear cutting, and various other precision metalworking operations expertly integrated into your existing production line.


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