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Gear Shaving Tools

Gear Shaving Cutters

Federal Broach’s gear shaving cutters engineered to provide the long tool life and high production capacity that is demanded by today’s commercial and industrial gear manufacturing operations. Our precision gear shaving tools are produced to ensure maximum durability, reliability, and longevity.

In addition to manufacturing a full line of gear shaving cutters in standard and custom configurations, Federal Broach provides complete tool resharpening services. We are the precise and preferred source for your precision gear shaver tooling needs.

Shaving Cutter

Gear Shaving Cutter Specifications:

  • Module: 1 to 8
  • OD: 150mm to 330mm
  • Maximum Width: 60mm
  • Bore Size: 63.5mm or 100mm
  • Helix Angle: 0° to 35°

A Full Range of Gear Shaving Cutter Configurations:

  • Conventional Gear Shavers – Also referred to as axial or traverse shaving, conventional gear shavers are commonly used in low- to medium-production applications. As the name suggests, the traverse path is along the work gear’s axial plane. Conventional gear shaving is generally the most efficient gear shaving method for various wide-face gears including spur gears.
  • Diagonal Gear Shavers – The diagonal shaving method places the traverse path at a diagonal angle relative to the axial plane of the work gear. The angled traverse path substantially increases cutting speed of the tool, making it more suitable for medium- to high-volume gear manufacturing projects.
  • Underpass Gear Shavers – Also called tangential gear shaving, the underpass method places the traverse path perpendicular to the axis of the work gear. Underpass shaving is optimized for the manufacturing of gearing with restricting shoulders, suitable for high-volume productions.
  • Plunge Gear Shavers – The plunge gear shaving process is unique in that there is no table reciprocation as the work gear is fed into the cutting tool. Offering a relatively short cycle time, this gear shaving method is optimized for high-volume production applications.

An Overview of the Gear Shaving Process: Advantages and Applications

Gear shaving cutters are used to remove a small amount of material from the gear tooth surface after it has been cut with a hobbing tool or gear shaper cutter. Of the four processing methods (Conventional, Diagonal. Underpass. and Plunge cut), plunge cut is often used in mass production lines for gearing used in both four wheeled vehicles and two wheeled vehicles – including on-road, off-road, and on-highway applications.

The advantage of gear shaving in high-volume gear manufacturing is largely due to the high efficiency and long life of the tooling. For example, using NIDEC’s Fine Pitch Shaving Cutters yields excellent performance in improving tool life and workpiece accuracy compared to many other gear cutting methods.

Precision Metal Shaving Tools for Gear Cutting Operations

Federal Broach offers custom gear shaving tools engineered for reliable performance in production gear cutting applications. Our custom gear shaving tools are manufactured to high-precision specifications then surface treated to extend the tool life with maximum durability.

Based in Central Michigan, our 96,000 square-foot facility utilizes some of the industry’s most capable CNC technology and CAD systems to develop a truly optimized tooling solution for your application. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer dedicated to delivering superior tooling for your production line.

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