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Used Inventory For Sale

Federal Broach and Machine offers an extensive inventory of used and reserviced equipment. Browse our latest selection of quality used machines, tools, and various other production equipment to enhance your operation.

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Broach Machine DRBS (98-V-107)

Federal Broach: Dual Ram Blind Spline

This machine is a 1998 Federal Broach 9-station, Dual Ram Blind Spline. It is designed with a 10” stroke and 20 tons of force. It is powered by a Vickers hydraulic power unit. The 9-position Peisler table will hold 6 cutting tools with 3 load/unload stations. The table is loaded from the back side of the machine by an automatic pick and place. This machine is capable of producing 2 parts every 40 seconds with a yearly total around 700,000 parts. The machine is controlled by an Allen Bradley control structure and has an automatic lubrication system along with a coolant system and conveyor to aid in the removal of chips. Photos are pulled from archives as the machine is in storage.


Broaching Machine MVRT (9-S-101)

Federal Broach: Mechanical Vertical Rising Table

This machine is a 2009 Federal Broach 90Kn x 1000mm Mechanical Vertical Rising Table. It is designed with a 39” stroke and 9 tons of force. This machine is configured to produce one part every 18-28 seconds. The machine is controlled by a Siemens control structure and has an automatic lubrication system. The machine also has a coolant system as well as a magnetic chip conveyor for assisting in chip removal. Photos are pulled from archives as the machine is in storage.

Thompson Flat and Round Sharpening Machine

Thompson Sharpening Machine

1971 Thompson Flat and Round Broach Sharpening Machine, modified by the addition of a Fagor control with three coordinated CNC axes. The three axes include “X” (table), “Z” (vertical), and “Y” (head stock rotation). Machine includes a small mist coolant system using water-based fluid as well as a hydraulic system. Mechanical Specifications: Center Height 6” Could be increased because of long “Z” axis travel. Center Distance 96” “X” Axis 80” table stroke “Z” Axis 28” above the table “Y” Axis rotation coordinated with the “X” axis.


Parker Majestic

Parker Majestic rebuilt by PalFam: Grinder / Sharpener

Machine was rebuilt and the control system was replaced with Siemens Controls. The work table magnet measures 8″ x 20″.

Huffman Grinder

Huffman: HS-87R Grinder

The machine’s controls have been replaced, the 7-axis system is now controlled by NUM architecture and comes with a self-contained coolant system.


Jig – Boring Mill

Devlieg: 4-Axis Boring Mill

This machine is a 4-axis horizontal spindle, boring and milling, Devlieg Jig Mill, Model 4K96, early 1970’s. Mill is controlled by a ANILAM Commando. Table is 40” wide and 96” long. Machine has power and can be seen working. Comes with service and parts manual.

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