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Blind Spline Broach Punches and Dies

Broaching Tools

Blind Spline Broach Punches and Dies

Blind spline tools are used in applications that do not allow a conventional internal or external broach to pass over or through a part. Federal Broach can design, build and test both spline punches (internal) and dies (external) for all blind hole applications. Sizes range from 0.5 to 8 inches (12 to 200 mm) in diameter.

Serration Punch Blind Spline

Broaching Tool Features:

  • Integrated Part Guides
  • Multiple Spline Configuration

Blind Spline Punch and Die Applications:

  • Automotive and Truck Transmissions
  • Non-Rolling Spline Configurations (e.g. Parking Gear Profiles)

Common Uses and Advantages of Blind Spline Broaching

Blind spline broaching tools are used in a range of production applications in which conventional broaching tools are prevented from passing through or over the component. Simple examples of blind broaching include the machining of internal hexagons, squares, keyways, or splines within gear component assemblies and custom fasteners. Federal Broach’s blind spline punches and dies are engineered to accommodate far more complex manufacturing applications, such as on-highway vehicle drivetrains.

 In some production applications, blind spline punches and dies are utilized as an alternative to EDM technology. Compared to electrical discharge machining, blind spline broaching is much quicker and more cost-effective – even when the application requires a custom precision-built broach tool.

 Based in Central Michigan, our 96,000 square-foot facility utilizes some of the industry’s most capable CNC technology and CAD systems to develop a truly optimized tooling solution for your application. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015-certified American manufacturer dedicated to delivering superior tooling for your production line.

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