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Precision Gear Cutting Tools

Federal Broach and Machine distributes premium gear cutting tools to accommodate virtually all industry needs. From gear hobs and deburring tools to gear shavers, skiving tools, and shaping cutters, we provide a complete range of quality production tools for today’s gear cutting operations.

Hobbing Tools

Precision gear hobbing tools engineered for reliable performance, including a full range of involute and non-involute gear hobs.

Spiral Gash Hob
Shaving Cutter

Gear Shaving Tools

Gear shaving cutters designed to provide the long tool life and high production capacity, including conventional gear shavers and diagonal cutters, as well as underpass and plunge shaving configurations.

Gear Skiving Tools

Specially engineered gear skiving tools, offering a range of substrates and coatings for extended tool life.

Shape Cutter

Gear Shaping Tools

Various forms of gear shaping cutters such as non-topping, semi-topping, topping, finishing, roughing, as well as pre-shaving and pre-grinding tools.

Deburring Tools

The most reliable gear deburring tools on the market, our precision deburrers are used on gear chamfering machines to simultaneously deburr components while the chamfering operation is carried out. 

We now offer the new ChamferX tools for use in the NIDEC CH26A automatic chamfer machine.


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